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Brownsville Texas Used Vehicle Shoppers Love What Charlie Clark Has To Offer.

So, you’ve embarked on the journey of purchasing a new car. You have tons of decisions to make, the two most important being where to buy your next car and whether to purchase a new or preowned vehicle. At Charlie Clark Alton Gloor we hope you’ll think long and hard about the many benefits of purchasing a preowned vehicle from your local Alton Gloor Texas used car dealership.

Why Should I Buy A Preowned Vehicle Instead of a New Vehicle from Charlie Clark Alton Gloor?

There are a whole host of reasons why it makes more sense to purchase a preowned vehicle from a reputable local Alton Gloor Texas used car dealership like Charlie Clark. A few of these reasons include:

  • More bang for your buck – When it comes to purchasing a new car you shouldn’t only look at price, but it’s obviously a big part of the equation. When you purchase a quality used car you’re purchasing a vehicle that has been given a thorough inspection by our team here at Charlie Clark Alton Gloor. This means that you’re getting a great vehicle at a price that’s much less than the cost of a brand new automobile.
  • Thoroughly inspected – As mentioned briefly above, when you shop for a car from a reputable Alton Gloor dealer like Charlie Clark you can rest easy knowing that each vehicle we put on our lot has gone through a rigorous inspection to ensure its fully ready for the open road!
  • Fixture in the community – At Charlie Clark our Alton Gloor Blvd. location in Brownsville has been a fixture in the local community for years. This means that should you run into any issues you’ll know where to find us. We’ve been in the Brownsville community for decades and aren’t going anywhere any time soon! This is in stark contrast to buying a vehicle from a private party who you may never see again.
  • Warranty – Most of the time when you purchase a used car you don’t receive any type of warranty unless there is still time left on the vehicle’s original manufacturer’s warranty. At Charlie Clark Alton Gloor, our preowned vehicles come with our Warranty Forever. This warranty covers your vehicle’s powertrain for as long as you own it provided that you follow the necessary maintenance requirements outlined in your Warranty Forever agreement.

Ready to Purchase a New to You Ride from Your Local Alton Gloor Texas Used Car Dealership?

If you’re ready to purchase a quality used car why not head on down to 1140 E Alton Gloor Blvd and talk to one of our experienced sales staff at Charlie Clark Alton Gloor. We’ll do our best to help you find a vehicle that meets your needs and your budget. To learn more about our dealership or for any questions you may have about the car buying process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today by phone at (956) 801-2300. We look forward to working with you soon!

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