The car buying experience has changed significantly over the past few years. This is partly due to the pandemic as well as supply chain issues. Because of these factors, some dealerships have significantly increased their prices through dealer markups. At Charlie Clark Automotive Group, we change no dealer markups on any of our new vehicles. This should give you peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible price when you shop at any of our Charlie Clark family of dealerships.

Don't Pay Dealer Markups For New Vehicles. You won't at Charlie Clark Auto Group

Save Money With No Dealer Markup from Charlie Clark Automotive Group

Dealer markups can add high costs to any new car purchase. Some dealers are adding thousands of dollars worth of markups to the cost of a new vehicle. This translates into a much higher price for you, the consumer. As a dealership that has been around in some form since the 1930s, the Charlie Clark Automotive Group doesn’t feel proper charging dealer markups. Our commitment to charge no dealer markup on any new vehicle is due to our focus on providing our customers with the highest level of service. We want you to be a customer for life, and we want future generations to always look to Charlie Clark Automotive Group for selling cars the right way!

Charlie Clark Offers A Wide Variety of Dealerships for you to Choose From

Charlie Clark has a wide variety of dealerships throughout Texas. Below are the main dealerships where you can test drive a new or pre-owned vehicle:

• Charlie Clark Nissan of El Paso • Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso • Charlie Clark Nissan of Harlingen • Charlie Clark Nissan of Brownsville • Charlie Clark Hyundai of Laredo

As you can see, we have many dealership locations throughout Texas to ensure we’re always available and close to you when you want to purchase a new vehicle or have your car serviced at one of our top-notch dealership locations.

No Dealer Markup and Limited Lifetime Warranty on New Car Purchases from Charlie Clark!

In addition to our commitment to no dealer markup, we also offer a limited lifetime warranty for all new car purchases from any of our dealerships. This warranty is a limited powertrain warranty that has specific terms and conditions. Contact one of our family of dealerships today to learn more about this incredible perk of purchasing from the Charlie Clark Automotive Group.

Looking for a Pre-owned Vehicle? Charlie Clark Has You Covered!

If you’re not interested in purchasing a new vehicle but instead are focused on browsing pre-owned options, feel free to check our website for up-to-date inventory. We have a large selection of pre-owned cars across our family of dealerships and would be glad to help you find a pre-owned vehicle that meets your needs and your budget.

Head Down to Charlie Clark Today to Learn More About Our No Dealer Markup

We hope we’ve explained the importance of no dealer markup on new vehicles purchased from the Charlie Clark Automotive Group. If you have any questions about our no dealer markup or are just looking for more information on a new or pre-owned vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our dealerships today. We promise we’ll treat you the way we’ve been treating customers for decades throughout Texas!

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